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This came from an interview I did with my friend Susan about "SEDUCTION_ and _HOW TO SEDUCE WOMEN":

You can call it toughness, you can call it desire. I like toughness and tenderness because they're alliterative.

Here's how I see the dance of seduction in terms of polarities. It really does start with a man's desire. And a woman could look at a man, she could see Brad Pitt across a bar and get turned on. But, again, that happens one time out of ten. Nine times out of ten the man is going to have to initiate with his desire, and some women will just surrender right there. But most women, when you show your desire they put up resistance because they want to see, is this desire of a purely sexual nature or is there more depth? And when that resistance comes up, that's when you show your tenderness, and your tenderness is what allows her to surrender into you and to trust you. So it's a dance of you initiating desire, her initiating resistance, you initiating tenderness and her initiating surrender.


And desire starts with you, it's starts with your desire to bring out something beautiful in her. And what you will find is that when you express your desire very frequently you will encounter resistance. Women will put up resistance, because every man desires them.

In my experience when you just cut out the bullshit and express your desire properly, you give yourself so much more latitude to speak what's on your mind.

Women ultimately come to trust your authenticity, and they say "This is a man who knows what he wants, he's a man who goes after it," and again, she has the decision at that point to accept or reject. If she has a serious boyfriend, if she's in a monogamous relationship, if she just doesn't happen to like your shoes, she can accept or reject, but it all starts with that desire and it all starts with the man accepting his role and pushing that out there. So there's again, a lot of ways that this can happen, but it often will cause rejection, or at least resistance. It's something that she has to do. If a woman just surrenders herself to any man who shows desire, well she would - especially an attractive woman - if women just allowed themselves to surrender to any man who made an advance on them, we'd be a very different species.

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