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No personality? I can help

I've been thinking about writing this post for months. The community is based around the notion of achieving more with what you were born with. BUT WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE WHAT YOU WERE "BORN" WITH?

My personality is constantly changing and evolving, either in a direction that I choose or in an direction I'm not choosing. There is no middle ground. The evolution of your personality is not stagnate. Due to external forces, your personality will change. If you make a new friend and he's always positive, your personality will reflect a more positive outlook. If you start hanging around unmotivated individuals, you'll notice your goals will start being less important to you. Because of this, I propose a question to you WHAT DIRECTION IS YOUR PERSONALITY HEADING?


Despite what every teenager known to man has said, you can control your actions to achieve what you want. The myth of "I can't change who I am" is just a sad excuse for behavior you yourself aren't happy with internally. You can change behavior and therefore personality. I'm a huge fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and if you haven't seen it, you should order the DVDs immediately and watch them. The show has a certain type of humor that is the signature of writer/comedian Larry David. As I started watching the series, I noticed I would start making similar "Larry David" jokes. Whether they were funny or not isn't the debate, it's the fact that my personality and sense of humor was evolving.


There are many myths about personality and what are able to change. The main way you can evolve your personality in a positive way is to surround yourself with the type of people you want to become. This has the fastest and most impact on your personality. Because this is a website dealing with getting more successful with women, I'll focus on that.

You should ask three questions:

* Which guys do you respect most when it comes to dating? What personality traits do they possess?
* Which personality trait are you most deficit that if you possessed would bring you the most success with women?
* Do you know guys around your life that possess these traits? If so, spend more time with them. If not, how can you meet these men and make them a part of your life?

The main point of personality evolution is to change your personality into something you want in your life. When you don't particularly like a certain part of your personality, YOU CAN CHANGE IT.


* Double Your Dating - David Deangelo's ebook is a great resource for personality evolution. No kidding. David discusses changing your personality, character mastery, and techniques for trial and error methods for evolving your personality.
* Comedy Writing Secrets - Hetlzer's book in a nutshell teaches you how to be funny. If you've noticing your jokes hitting the floor faster than a chick in a rap video, you need this book. Just reading it makes you funnier.

* Mastery - although not specifically about personality evolution, Mastery will help you track your personality evolution progress. Mastery gives you perspective and help as you journey along your path.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Harry Kitson - How To Use Your Mind
Stylelife Academy - How To Work The Personals
Christopher Williamson - How To Improve Yourself

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