Pick Up Women With Magic

Pick Up Women With Magic Cover
There's a new way to seduce women and all you need is a pack of cards or an elastic band, there, MacGuyver.

DERICK HO, a 27-year-old man who co-owns a magic school called Secret Skills, claims that the tricks he teaches will help men woo and get the women of their dreams.

He has already had about 150 students take his class, only 5 of which were women, but students pay $150 for a two-hour session, in which they learn 10 magic tricks.

The aim of the class is indeed to land the woman they want by charming her with their newly learned magic tricks.

Of course, DERICK HO admits that the tricks must be performed with flair. The tricks do work in a way that allow the "magician" to hug the woman he desires and even ensure that she gives him a call.

Students who are taking the courses claim that it works because it gives them a newfound confidence and a reason to approach.

So essentially, these guys are forking over $150 for 10 great pickup lines.

When a 27-year-old woman was asked what she thought about this, she replied, "Does it help make an impression? Probably. Does it help score a second date? Nah. Wouldn't do enough."

'Nuff said.

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