David Jones - The Art Of Internet Dating (419.0 Kb)

David Jones - The Art Of Internet Dating Cover Why should you choose The Art of Internet Dating, the definitive practical guide?

Here are just a few good reasons:

* It's the definitive guide. This is the bible" of Internet dating, the book that sets the standard. Why settle for anything less?

* This is the only 100% practical guide available. There are no silly stories or anecdotes that won't help you one bit, just page after page of practical hints and tips. If you want romance stories, go buy a Mills & Boon. If you want to greatly improve your chances of meeting a real quality date on-line, or your soulmate, buy The Art of Internet Dating.

* There are many tips throughout the book specially for both males and females.

* It pulls no punches and is brutally honest. Sugar coating things won't help you one bit.

* It's sold, promoted and fully supported by the author. Send me an email at david AT alternatezone DOT com, I will reply, promise. How many authors do that?, most are un-contactable. I want to hear what you think of the book and Internet dating. I also personally pack and post every book ordered from this web site!

* The author is the most experienced person to have ever written an Internet dating book. Most other authors have little real practical experience.

* No other book attempts to so deeply analyse the technical aspects of Internet dating. This is essential, it's a technical medium and you have to know how best to utilise it. Did you know that there is a defined time window during which your profile is most visible to the the right kind of people? Have you missed it? What do you do about it?

* There are no silly pictures or cartoons to get in the way of the information you need. It's all information-packed text (Ok, except for one small table!)

* The book does not try and tell you who is right for you, or how you should court someone. There is nothing to insult your ability or intelligence, just lots of common sense and technical hints and tips about what works and what doesn't, gained through years of research and practice.

Technical details of the book :

* ISBN 1-876494-54-9

* Size A5 - (H)210mm x (W)149mm x (D)9mm

* Weight 214g

* Matt finish cover

* 160 pages, 154 of which contain the "meat". No big margins to make the book look bigger either!

* 26 separate sections covering every aspect of Internet Dating. See below for the table of contents

* 11 point Serif - a big and easy to read font.

* Burst bound spine which is superior to the cheaper perfect binding you get in mass produced novels. The pages won't fall out.

* Celloglaze coating to protect the book from fingerprints and other nasties.

* Ink printed pages, not the cheaper toner printed type.

* Published by Fusion Publishing in conjunction with The Oracle Press

* Printed by Watson Ferguson & Co (est.1868)

The book is also available in PDF eBook format for immediate download!

What this book will NOT do:

* It will not teach you how to setup your computer, use email, or how to use the Internet in general. This is assumed knowledge, and there are countless books out there to do that. Unlike other books, The Art of Internet Dating is 100% about practical Internet dating. If you do not know how to use a computer and/or the Internet, at least on a basic level, then this book is not for you. There are no "Click the left mouse button" instructions to insult your ability.

* It will not attempt to teach courting techniques or help you figure out what you are looking for in a partner. There are no sex tips or pickup lines. If you need this sort of help then there are plenty of self help books available that claim to do just this. This is not one of them.

Compare the competition, we are sure you'll find The Art of Internet Dating is by far the best and most informative practical guide to Internet Dating available in the world"

Buy David Jones - The Art Of Internet Dating ($5.65)


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