Texting A Girl Who Speaks A Different Language

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Hey Malvin, thanks for the kind words dude! And also for sharing some of your thoughts. Let's see how we can address your two concerns, 1). Being Compelling to pick up women and 2). Not being able to take alcohol. We'll consider your second issue first.

Not drinking: Ok, I have some asian friends who definitely get the asian flush, and I know that it really inhibits them. That's fine the whole point of social drinking is not drinking for the sake of drinking, but moreso, to lower your inhibitions when you're out and to make it easier to attract women. It puts you in a different social and emotional state. But if you don't enjoy it, then hey, it will affect your state negatively, and that is exactly the opposite of why people (should) drink in the first place. So don't worry about it just have fun in your own way and be comfortable with who you are. There are going to be some girls you're not going to connect with because a.) they'll enjoy being drunk with other people who are drunk or b.) they'll think it's weird that you don't. Whatever too much work and probably too much drama. Just be who you are and have fun as you do and you'll find girls who secretly admit to you that they wish they drank less, or that they don't drink much either, and you guys can have a secret "non-drinkers" handshake or something and you will get women.

See? It's just about making it enjoyable for you and some girls, no matter what the circumstances.

As for the "being compelling" when trying to get women and the texting, probably two separate issues. But for both, I'd suggest that you not be worried about what comes of them, and just start being playful. It takes a bit of time to develop a playful attitude but once you do it really comes across in all your convos. Here's a recent text convo I had with a girl around 3:45 AM:

Me: Buenas nochas senorita catch u after the wknd!

Her: Haha I'm about to start teaching you Russian

Me: Please do what's lesson 1?

Her: Umm (russian expression)

Me: I think u just made my head explode what's that mean?

Her: Go find a translater =P

Me: Not cool (name) u realize my cognitive prowress right now = poor! Just enough brains to figure out my taxi tip!

Her: Ugggh I hate figuring out tip ESP when your paying with a credit card PS its (name)

Me: Haha ok well if you get the spelling on my name right it's a million points and at this hour, remembering it is 1K

Her: Lmaaooo I sucj at spelling and im an immigrant I'll teach you Russian & about shoes and you teach me spelling! Deal!

Anyway, it went on like this for awhile. Point being it is fairly nonsensical and just playful. Bad grammer and spelling. It doesn't matter because texting, to me, is for a.) flirting and b.) logistics. Work on pushing it a little bit in your texts in order to pick up women.

Now, finally, being compelling to get women and doing it with your approaches. Broadly, you just need to have interesting things to talk about, and want to share them with people. Pickups can be about a lot of things - if you're going for rapport, then definitely just talk about stuff that interests you and try to relate it back to her. The attraction-based stuff is something else entirely, we'll discuss that another time!

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