Study Proves Breakups Confuse Us

Study Proves Breakups Confuse Us Cover
According to a new study conducted by lead author Erica Slotter, a psychology Ph.D., suggests that a breakup can make people feel like they don't know who they are anymore.

The researchers conducted 3 separate studies to find out how their volunteers thought of themselves during and after their relationships.

The first study had one group answer questionnaires with questions regarding whether they changed their appearance, activities, clique, future plans, or even their values after a breakup.

Most participants admitted to a moderate change in their belief system, their appearance and even their values.

The second study asked another set of students who were in relationships questions about how they think they might change if their relationship ended. It seemed that those who were the most committed thought they were most likely to change.

The third study had Slotter and her colleagues looking at people's diary entries or blogs after a breakup and, of the 76 diaries, people who wrote about breakups had a harder time establishing themselves and used words like "confused", "uncertain", and "bewildered".

Did this really require research? Isn't it obvious that when someone you thought you would spend your life with ups and leaves you, you become confused about where to go from there since they were a part of every future picture you had painted?

Of course breakups make us feel lost and confused about ourselves; spending so much intimate time with someone inevitably leads to their rubbing off on us a bit, so when we part ways, we're not sure if we should rid of that part or hold on for dear life.

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