Naked Blonde Scares Builders

Naked Blonde Scares Builders Image
I've always believed that construction workers are full of crap and if a woman called them on their classy advances, they'd run and hide like little bitches. And now, a thick and naked blonde woman proved just that.

In the Austrian capital Vienna, a naked blonde rushed at a bunch of construction workers on site and was shouting, "Who wants me? Who wants me?"

The construction workers got scared and ran for cover to avoid being hit by her massive breasts.

"We like to chat up girls as they walk past - it's a tradition. But this woman was too much to handle and we just ran and hid until the police got here. No one liked to think what would happen if she caught one of us."

Is this guy kidding? I'm pretty sure she had sex on the brain, not murder. Or maybe she actually wanted to hurt one of them, but considering she was naked, her arsenal of weaponry was minimal at best.

A police spokesman later told the press, "It turned out no one wanted her."

Poor lady. All naked and no one to have sex with.

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