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Dating is basically the first step on building up relationships. Yes, dating can be a big, tough thing to do for a woman. Yet, on a male perspective, I can give you some useful tips for having a successful date with a man since I am a man myself. The tips for dating that I will be giving you are based entirely on my experience of travelling in Europe and meeting different female personalities and cultures there.

Honesty matters. Yes, it really matters for dating. Try to talk with your date about how things went the past few days, as well as the things that he likes or dislikes in order to determine if you two are compatible with each other or not. If he asks you the same thing, reply with honest and sincere answers, so that you will be able to put off awkwardness in the conversation and keep it light and casual.

Also, you don't have to impress your dating partner, as you will be enticed to pretend as someone or something that you are not. Pretending will just get you into boggy situations and will not get you into relationships at all. After all, as relationships progresses, every couple are finding out something about each other at a time, which is why pretending and impressing your date is never a good thing to do on a date. Consequently,dates and relationships can be lot more fun and exciting if you are able to be comfortable and just be yourself.

On the date, you will get nervous for dating him for sure, especially if it is the first time. Chances are that he will be also just as nervous as you are. Nervousness between the two of you can result to silence and awkwardness of the situation. To break the ice, you have to be up-front and shatter the awkwardness. You can start a simple conversation or crack a joke or punch in a witty remark. This will give your date a breathing room for dating you comfortably and break down his nervousness for dating with you.

I am a man. As a man, we have an intrinsic appetite for women who are good listeners. So, let your date talk while you listen to everything that he says. Ask open-ended questions that will motivate him to talk more and tell about himself. Do not throw him simple yes-or-no questions. Ask him what-who-where-when-how-why questions, especially on topics about relationships, so that you can keep the conversation rolling smoothly.

When it comes to building lasting relationships, showing too much eagerness on him can make his desire to know more about you decrease and fail. As much as you might want to be with him again, it is best if you let him ask for dating with you again. If he is interested on you, he will surely call or send you an SMS for setting up a next date. However, do not be too obvious that you like him too, if you do. Just keep up the game of chase as he tries to go after you. This scheme for dating establishes stronger relationships than more instantaneous methods do.

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