The Romance In Dating Men

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"Let us go then, you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky, like a patient etherized upon a table; Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets..." That is Thomas Stearns Eliot or better known as TS Eliot who spoke these lines during the Romantic Era. Yes, I am fascinated by romance especially here in the most romantic place on earth - Europe. Romance for me is not just about the physical attraction but being able to relate to a person's emotional level. That is, when you are able to share your feelings with a person and being vulnerable and opens to that person. The emotional connection is like communication, there are sender and receiver. For dating, it should also have this connection especially when you already know your date well.Dating and men can be both exciting as it is so hold on and let me share with you tips for dating I have learned from observing couples in Europe and from my own experiences as well.


If you want to succeed in dating and men hunting, commit to it. Just like any endeavor, it won't work if you are half-hearted. For dating to be successful, you put extra effort in it. Research and find out what you want out of dating, prepare yourself for rejection and commit that you'll not give up. You can also research about your date - his interests, friends and favorite hang out place.


Start doing things for you to look at your best. You can read health magazines to learn, join in a gym and start a diet and getting fit. Have a good hair style that goes with your face. This may not find you a date but for dating to be a good one, it is helpful if you do things that will make you feel confident. Dating and men both requires you to look attractive for them to find you irresistible.


Reflect on the things you want to gain from dating and your time frame. Do you want to get married two to three years from now? Then approach to dating appropriately. If you do not yet consider marriage, then ask yourself the reasons why you engage in such activities. For dating to be effective, make sure you are honest with your reasons with your date. Dating and men you go out with need to be coordinated with your goals as well.


Be with people who will support you in your aims in dating. For dating to be fair, don't go around with people who feel negatively about relationships,dating and men. You may also start attending social gatherings where singles go.


Dating and men- meeting should be fun and stimulating. It is spending time with people who may be your partner or friend. For dating to be efficient, offer interesting things about you and get interested also to your date's stories.

For dating to be real, do not just focus on the physical attraction. Pay attention to the emotional attraction- if you can keep up with the person, if he can accept you and if he can stay with you. To achieve this, talk about your past lessons, your personality and the things you live by. This way, you can know each other better. In dating and men, be honest and open.

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