Joseph Oconnor - Nlp Workbook Practical Guide To Achieving The Results You Want (21.8 MB)

Joseph Oconnor - Nlp Workbook Practical Guide To Achieving The Results You Want Cover A practical, creative guidebook to achieving the results you want using Neuro Linguistinc Programming techniques Neuro-Linguistic Programming is based on the idea that the human mind is a sort of computer -- our verbal and body language are the programmes which allow us to change our own thoughts and influence other people e.g. using body language and speech patterns to create instant rapport with someone else. We already use such techniques on a sub-conscious level -- NLP simply helps us crystalise what we already know. This work book is a basic, at-home NLP course, providing easy-to-follow exercises and reflections to which the reader can return time and again. It addresses topics such as How to Change Emotional State, the Power of Language and Getting Results, and can be applied to all kinds of different areas e.g. business, sport, health. The NLP workbook is designed to be a basic manual for the beginner in NLP, and also a clear and easy reference manual for practioners and trainers.

As someone who had never even heard of NLP 4 months ago, I can honestly say that from only reading this book I now have a broad understanding of many different areas of NLP and a good understanding to build on. My only critisism is that there could have been a few more specific examples and exercises of how to use the techniques in everyday situations. Of course, everybody encounters different situations on a daily basis so this may not be so easy to do. If an understanding of the subject is what you want then as a beginners guide, this book is very informative and very easy to read. The author never uses terms or concepts without fully explaining them and the book flows from one subject to another with natural progression. If you are wanting to actively use NLP then this book is an excellent guide but the learning is in the doing and my one piece of advice would be not to read the book in haste. Take each chapter and understand it and then learn to use it before you move on.

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