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The Game By Neil Strauss

With a book that looks like it's easy to see why NEIL STRAUSS'" GAME" become the successful dating book it is known as today is not only a book about meet and dating women without fear; it's about building a man's self-confidence so he can become stronger and happier in all facets of his life. Once he establishes a foundation of confidence, he is then able to move onward with women and step up the game.

What makes even more interesting is that Neil Strauss was, at one point in his life, this insecure man who thought that he could never land himself a beautiful and smart woman. Even to look at him, one would think that NEIL STRAUSS isn't exactly the epitome of what women consider great-looking.

But after having followed around some of New York's finest pickup artists, NEIL STRAUSS began to build his own self-confidence and realized that it wasn't incredibly hard to get the woman he wants. All NEIL STRAUSS had to do was work on his inner game and then his outer game would follow.

And NEIL STRAUSS isn't just a pickup artist; before he wrote he wrote for the" York "so it's no wonder that" GAME" full of practical advice and a touch of witty humor.

If you're a guy who wants to develop his game or you know of a guy who does, then here is some of what" GAME" you (or he) need(s):

* If you want a specific woman, you need to be prepared to lose her. If you think you have nothing to lose, you won't reek of desperation.
* Always win over her friends
* Emit confidence at all times.
* Always go back and forth from being interested to being not interested. Keep her guessing.
* If you approach a group of women, do your best to ignore the woman you want.
* When you do finally speak to the girl you want, treat any undesirable behavior by withdrawing or seeming uninterested.

There are plenty more, but these are the basic tents of And according to any and every man who has read it, it works. Every single time.


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