Valentine Day 1 Paper Roses

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Over the next 13 days, we're dedicating our posts to giving you 13 incredibly romantic Valentine's Day ideas and gifts.


The most popular -- and often considered the most romantic -- Valentine's Day gift is by far a dozen red roses. Giving roses to a lover expresses those important words, I Love You, more than any other flower. Red roses not only say I Love You, but the color red represents both love and passion.

Our tip today allows you to express this love via a very unique form of the rose -- paper roses. sells a gorgeous bouquet of red paper roses that flourish long after the petal on a real rose falls. These hand-crafted, custom-made flowers are truly one of a kind, just like your Valentine.

Valentine's Day paper roses come in a passionate red with romantic phrases etched in each rose including:

"Happy Valentine's Day"

"Be My Valentine"

"I Love You"

If you want a personalized rose, check out their first anniversary section where you can actually personalize the roses with wording of your choice and select between several other colors. If you want something even more personalized, check out the photo roses, where you can personalize them with your favorite photo of the two of you together.

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