Brian Tracy - Psychology Of Achievement Course Book (241.0 Kb)

Brian Tracy - Psychology Of Achievement Course Book Cover This is pdf Course Book for Brian Tracy - The Psychology Of Achievement 6 Audio Cassettes (or 6 CD) Course.

Brian Tracy, author/narrator of Psychology of Achievement, is a true cosmopolitan, having lived, studied and worked in many parts of the world, including Africa, Asia and North America. This fact alone provides him with a unique vantage point from which to view his chosen subject matter. He has served business and industry as a top-level executive, responsible for over $200 million in assets and as a consultant. And he is an inveterate reader, student, mountain climber, karate instructor, swimmer and jogger, as well as a husband and father. Brian Tracy is in touch with himself...with the times...and with people. This makes him the ideal author/narrator of The Psychology of Achievement. The Psychology of Achievement has been presented to more than 5,000 persons since its recent inception as a seminar program. Corporate sponsors have included firms both large and small, including IBM and TWA. Brian Tracy holds a B. Comm. and MBA and is president of his own firm, the Institute for Executive Development." "Twelve Exciting Audio Sessions: (1.) Building a Positive Self-Concept. The success instinct. Its six ingredients. The locus of control... (2.) Accepting Responsibility and Taking Charge. Anger, blaming, accepting guilt, worry-why they should be eliminated... (3.) Programming for Success. Improving self-esteem. Selecting a reference group right for you. Five steps to changing your belief structure... (4.) Goals and Goal Achieving. Develping specific goals for your life. Why goals are important. Obstacles to goals... (5.) Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making. Raising expectations=raising performance. The supraconscious solution. Why adversity shouldn't always be unwelcome. (6.) Superior Human Relations. How to develop and maintain winning relationships. Why self-esteem is requisite. The secret to building self-esteem in others..."

I would recommend Brian Tracy's "The Psychology of Achievement" to anyone that is interested in getting into self-improvement and changing their entire life. There are tons of books and audio courses out there that are really good for self-improvement, but this is the best introductory one I could get my hands on.

Beware of movies like "The Secret" that try to create this fantasy that you can get what you want just by thinking of it. Brian Tracy does none of this in this course. He gives you an extremely detailed plan on how to get what you want in life and how to remove negative thinking patterns that are greatly responsible for where you are today.

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