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Many guys really believe that if you don't have the good looks and money you are not going to attract beautiful women and if you do manage to pick up a good looking girl she will never love you and it won't last long. However, the secret to HOW TO MAKE A GIRL LOVE YOU is not such a big secret.

Hi, I'm Richard and I want to tell you about what I learned to make a girl love you.

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Don't get me wrong. Looks are important so you should try to dress well, be well-groomed and appear to be a tidy and well organised person. However, looks are only the first impression. How many times have you seen an older guy, who has lost his youthful looks, with an attractive younger girl? It is quite common to see a bald guy, who is not rich, with a beautiful woman on his arm. There is a lot more to attracting and picking up a girl than physical appearance.

Let me tell you the big secret right now!


You need to learn the basic psychology of how women interact with men. But I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. If women were only ever attracted by physical appearance how would a man, who is not attractive and not wealthy, ever manage to get a date. There would be a world full of lonely guys and a huge surplus of attractive women who couldn't ever get a date because the men weren't good enough. You see nature designed women to be attractive and most women strive to make themselves attractive to men. Nature never intended a man to be attractive for the woman. It just isn't a top priority in nature.

For a man it's mostly about how you make the woman feel about herself. Most girls care more about whether you make them feel good than anything else. Remember, women are much more emotionally based than men whereas men are logically based. This means that you have to be logical and make sense to a girl but what's more important is you have to appeal to her emotional side. Attracting a girl is more about building trust and confidence with her while making her feel good and to a girl how she feels is very important. If you can make her feel really good about herself she will love you forever.

Many men meet a girl and go out on a date. At first the relationship seems to be really promising. The guy is in control and sets the direction and pace of the relationship. The girl is submissive and tries to please her man by dressing sexy, laughing at his jokes, agreeing with most of whatever he says and doing whatever he wants. Eventually the relationship becomes physical. Then after a while the relationship begins to change. The girl becomes distanced and loses interest in the guy. Most guys are lost at this point and headed for a breakup.

Did you know that women act sweet to you when they want to win your affection and you are a challenge to them? However, many women become bitchy to you when they feel like they have won your affections and no longer see you as a challenge. It is a subconscious signal that they are unhappy and possibly want to move on the next guy.

What's the answer to this? The guy has to learn the psychological techniques to always remain attractive and a challenge to a girl. Here are some useful tips.

1. Never make the focus of your life your girlfriend. Sure she may be important to you and the love of your life but only reward her for being sweet to you by spending more time with her. If she ever becomes bitchy she is taking you for granted and you should reduce your time with her. Tell her, in a subtle way, that you don't like the way she is talking to you and reduce the amount of time you spend with her over the next week. Don't try to punish her or make her feel unwanted. You don't want to end the relationship but you do want to regain the commanding position in the relationship where she looks up to you and feels she needs to win your affection. This makes the relationship strong again.

2. It is usually best to allow your girlfriend to think that she is just a little bit more in love with you than you are in love with her. Make sure that you don't tell her that you love her more than she tells you she loves you. If she is not telling you she loves you, ask her if she loves you. You need to make sure that your girlfriend never feels like she has won you over and she will keep trying to win your affections.

3. If your girl is not sweet to you and not trying to win your affection make a very subtle implication that your relationship could end at any time. Certainly do not ever make her feel threatened that the relationship is going to end or you could lose her. This will make her try harder to win your affections and strengthen your relationship.


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