Love At First Sight Attraction Or Reality

Love At First Sight Attraction Or Reality Image
When you see someone for the first time and feel like you are getting attracted to the person. Love at first sight may be thought of as a deep feeling to have an intimate relationship with a person.

It is not necessary that only one of the people feels so, sometimes both of them feel the same simultaneously. This happens when they have looked in to eyes of each other. This has been considered as a very romantic fantasy, which occurs very rarely now days. There are thousands of couples who have been living together after they fell in love at the First sight.

This feeling cannot be forced or provoked it is totally natural. This feeling can occur in strangers and in friends too. Some times friends are not able to express their feelings towards each other. This may be due to some ongoing relationship or a fear of rejection.

The relationship that follows love at first sight is generally stronger. This occurs as a result of liking by both, hence it coverts in to a long and happy relationship. The couple is ready to continue the relationship as they mutually desire to live together.

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