Types Of Women Men Avoid

Types Of Women Men Avoid Cover
When all is said and done, everybody needs somebody sometimes, as Jewel would say. And most, if not all, of us, want to be in a good relationship that makes us feel happy and fulfilled.

Of course, finding that special someone isn't always that easy; if it were, I wouldn't be writing this article, right?

Sometimes, it's all about your personality; at some point, if you're unable to find a man who enjoys your company consistently, then perhaps it's time to take a good look at yourself and face the facts.

If you find your character traits listed under one of these types of women, then you might want to think about making some changes.



This is the woman who manages to find something wrong with any and everything, and is never happy with the way things are. She can't appreciate anything because she's so busy looking for what's wrong all the time.

She is not necessarily a miserable person; she simply makes an art of finding what's wrong with everything. Needless to say, men tire quickly of this type of woman and begin to avoid her at any and all costs.



When will women learn that they should stop judging every man based on what a few have done? It seems that all men are being forced to pay the price for what a few rotten apples have done.

The Man-hater has nothing good to say about her father, brother, uncle, exes, or any other man she has come into contact with over her lifetime and thus opts to come up with creative ways to blast men simply for existing.

Men find it incredibly insulting having to sit through a conversation in which a woman decides that she should give them a rundown of why they are such terrible human beings.



If you've slept with an entire football team before the age of 22, it's probably best not to offer up that information to guys. Even if he says it doesn't bother him at all, no man wants to go down on a girl who's a hot dog stand.

I'm not suggesting you lie, but don't brag about it, either. For many men, it's a matter of self-respect and there's a good chance that if you've gotten down on your knees for 100s of men, you don't have any (self-respect, that is, not knees).

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