Burglar Steals Thong

Burglar Steals Thong Image
STEVEN WHITTEN, who is all of 19 years old, was busted for breaking into a woman's home while she slept and running off wearing one of her thongs when she awoke and asked him who he was.

STEVEN WHITTEN was caught by police and admitted that he had already broken into the home earlier that afternoon to pick up an iPod and drop off a key (he does not know this woman), and then returned that night and entered her room.

It was at this point that the woman awoke because she heard noises and called the police. Security tapes show STEVEN WHITTEN running from the woman's apartment in a woman's thong (I'm guessing it was a feminine color because men have thong underwear too, you know).

What I find so interesting about this story is that the woman asked him who he was rather than act like she's still sleeping and wait for him to leave. I guess that when she realized he was half-naked and wearing her underwear, he probably wasn't a great threat to her.

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