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Brad P - The Shocker Cover Brad P. one of the new wave of PUAs is the innovator of The Shocker, both as a method and as a book. The book The Shocker explains the method. This book is about opening, specifically the technique and concept on opening Brad P. has termed The Shocker.

A brief note about this review. The Shocker is the first of 2 New products reviewed here (the second I’ll put up in the next few weeks). Since Seduction Review moved, time has been spent so-far, re-reviewing older courses and texts – and it has been fun to revisit techniques and styles, some of them have remained part of everyday game, almost all withheld the test of time (there isn’t really a timescale with seduction technology, but there is advancement) and some had been almost forgotten. And as far as uploading the older reviews, that is still very much in progress. However we still keep moving and The Shocker is here for that reason – it is new technology.

What is The Shocker? It is a type of opener – a concise technique for achieving the objectives that an opener should. The Shocker is described using examples and explained in terms of its component parts. But first it is put into context with an explanation of the purpose of openers. In a description of the objectives of an opening line, the first thing to note is that Brad P. adds one important category to the traditional wisdom of seduction opening. The five objectives of an opener he proposes are a fairly straightforward bunch, but with the exception of “establish high social value”, which was previously not within the territory of the opener.

Opening (direct or indirect) has mostly been seen as juggling a hot potato in the seduction community, you fling it out and move on. Within the confines of the opener, there isn’t much room to initiate any seduction material or express any personality conveying characteristics. The Shocker is a different approach. Within its delivery, the Shocker’s structure builds social value by coming from and creating in the interaction a “cool kid” frame.

So what of the practical application of The Shocker. It has a strong pedigree to become a standard opening technique in the seduction toolkit, it is a good innovation on the opening principles that ranks well with other innovations in seduction technology. At its core is the extra level of social value built naturally into its delivery. It is, above all else, effective.

In a seduction world saturated with discussions of opening – is a book on one technique of opening at all necessary? If this book were about one technique in only one aspect of game it would vastly exaggerate it’s own importance. Instead, by including the new technique in the context of other openers The Shocker provides a more complete perspective on this part of game.

The other openers covered include the standard Situational and Opinion openers. Along with the author’s take on what he terms High Value and Low Value openers, as well as using Cold Reads on opening. The use of these other openers is explained well with some good examples of each. Categorizing technique by their style and objective, as this book does, allows for the critique of each one’s merits. However, the scale by which openers are judged is often an arbitrary one, useful only to separate one type of opener from another. The real merits of the book lie in the explanation and examples of different styles of opening, not least the Shocker.

The context that is missing is the style and method of game that follows on from this opener, as Brad P. sees it. This would provide a further context in which to place the opener. For instance, from the perspective of the book, the cold read is seen only as an opening technique, as obvious as this might seem in a book on opening, it has the effect of misrepresenting the technique. The context of the sarge surrounding the opening moments is useful, even if just to discern how it can fit your own game.


The Shocker is a good opener, it works. This book is a good book, it explains well the Shocker opener and others. if new to the game and looking at ideas on techniques of opening, you have to consider that there is usually a good amount given on opening from the other systems in other seduction eBooks. Some perspectives and their reasons that aren’t part of this book’s agenda. On the other hand you get a concise breakdown of opening technique in this book along with the means to create your own opener based on each principle, and at the heart of that is an innovative new opener.

You should know that The Shocker is only 45 pages long. In comparison with other seduction eBooks it is the shortest. At almost a dollar a page, is it worth it? It is one of the books that is full of useful information, not one of its 45 pages is wasted. The core principles by which the openers are judged is arbitrary, but does provide useful perspective. The concise nature of this book is one of its key strengths.

The fact remains that it is a simple concept, executed in a straightforward and easy manner. For this one area of your game you would pay the same amount that you would pay for a whole system or method in another book. And what is lacking is the perspective of the Shocker’s inclusion in overall game. The price isn’t the issue, but the content – there is always room to expand on any ideas in seduction, and do it intelligently. There is more than enough room for Brad P. to expand his ideas in this book.

Opening is a crucial (if often over emphasized) area of seduction, and technique has been around forever on this one subject. It is no mean feat to develop new method in this area, and the Shocker is that. The book teaches the technique of the Shocker well and provides a good reference to other openers in seduction.

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