Man Falls In Love With Pillow

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It's your typical storybook love affair, only in this case, the woman is made of synthetic fabric and doesn't really exist.

NISAN, 37, is a balding man who still lives with his parents (Co-stanza). He had a real girlfriend who dumped him about 6 months ago (I wonder whatever for) and he has since taken to dating a pillowcase that has a 10- or 12-year old on it.

It all started when NISAN (not his real name, by the way) was taken to a comic-book convention in Tokyo. That is where he discovered DA CAPO, a video game that is essentially about a schoolyard romance.

His pillow love, NEMU, is the younger sister of the main character. NISAN says it was love at first sight. Nemu had no comment. Nowadays, you can find NISAN and NEMU hanging out together at karaoke bars, restaurants, and even going on road trips together.

But the question remains: Will it last, or will NISAN spend so much time smothering NEMU that she decides she wants to hang out on a king-sized bed instead?

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