International Marriage Broker Regulation Act

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To the guy who claimed a man was a loser because he had a "mail order bride"there is no such thing. If he got a fat, stupid woman who happened to be foreign, that is one thing, but getting a highly educated non-feminist 8,9 or 10 from another country is often a winning move.

Remember the IMBRA law now takes your right to meet foreign women awaycourtesy of jealous feminists. They woulldn't be trying so hard to stop men from dating foreign women if they hadn't noticed a lot of the best alphas ignoring them.

Regarding natural gameI think a number of guys have noted that it is really about getting the layers of beta propaganda removed and, I will add the obvious, about reading the Men's Rights blogs and knowing how feminists want you to behave so you do the opposite (what should have come naturally if you weren't raised under feminism).

I look back at the opportunities I missed when I was young because I was taught the wrong things:

1) I was taught a woman would discuss sex openly and say she wants it if she wants it. Therefore, I had coeds in college literally lying in my lap and I didn't figure they wanted anything because they weren't *saying so*.

2) I heard the "never take advantage of a drunk woman" 10,000 times and it was bad advice. A half dozen 10s were available only while they were drunk and rudely rejected me when they were sober on the phone.

3) The idea that women don't like being approached on the street or at the beachI luckily learned early not to think like this. The idea that a man can pre-screen himself as not being good enough for a 9 half his age? A good teacher will make sure a man stops thinking this way.

You teach natural game by tellling men to ignore the BS put forth by feminists and social cons.

Incidentally, the 1970 book "How to Pick Up Girls" was the most important book I ever read.

The main thing I got from that book was to constantly approach gorgeous women in public as if it was natural as a reflex.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Louise Andree Saulnier - The Yoni Massage For Women
Ken Lingu - Erotic Massage For Women
Ettie Rout - Safe Marriage A Return To Sanity

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