How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back

How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back Cover
"by David DeAngelo."

So, let's start with the definition of the word WUSSY

This word is a combination of the words "Wimp" and another word that starts with P, has a next letter of U, then two of the letter S and finally a letter Y.

In other words, a Wussy (or Wuss), is a guy who tends to behave in a wimpish, submissive, needy, way.

The opposite of a Wussy is Maximus during his first arena fight scene in the movie Gladiator.

The problem with being a Wussy is that women are NOT ATTRACTED TO WEAKNESS and thus, they are NEVER attracted to WUSSIES.




A woman might MARRY a Wussy because he's either the best she can get, has a lot of money, has courted her for so many years that she finally gives in, or whatever

But, she'll never feel ATTRACTION for him.

Women don't CHOOSE who they feel ATTRACTION for, and they don't choose the emotions that they feel either.

It just HAPPENS. Bam!

One problem that a lot of guys have to face is TURNING INTO a Wussy over time

When you start off on the right foot, then gradually turn into a Wuss over time with a woman, that emotion called ATTRACTION starts to go away inside of her.

A woman will tell her friends "I don't know what it isbut for some reason lately he's just annoying to be around." etc.

It BOTHERS and ANGERS women when a man that's interested in them acts like a WUSSY. In many women it actually triggers these emotions just like dominant behavior triggers ATTRACTION.

Of course, the worse things get, and the more annoyed a woman becomes, the more like a total WUSSBAG most guys act.

It's one of those "vicious cycles" that usually ends with the woman leaving and the guy sitting there wondering what he did wrong and him thinking that maybe, if he had just been able to tell her just how much he loved her, that she would not have left him for that other abusive jerk.

By the way, if you want to learn how to DE- WUSSIFY yourself for good, and become a man that is universally attractive to women, then you must go and read this before you read any further:

OK, so let's talk about your specific questions:


I interpret her behavior as NATURAL and VERY, VERY PREDICTABLE.

If you do it again in the future, the same thing will probably happen.

Is she still interested?

Yes, she is.

But not in anything more than being your FRIEND.

You have, with your actions and communication, KILLED the ATTRACTION that she felt for you.

This is something you're going to have to deal with and take responsibility for.

You turned into a Wuss, and now you're paying the price.

You have to come to terms with your Inner Wuss before improvement can begin.


Well, this is a sticky question.

There is a CHANCE, yes.

But here's the problem. Probably 90% of the time when I tell a guy exactly what to do in order to get a girl back, he screws it up doesn't do it exactly the way I say, etc.

And, of course, he makes things worse in the process.


Focusing on getting her back will not only lessen the chances, but it will keep you from moving on in your life.

The best thing for you to do is MOVE ON in your life.

Ironically, the way to give yourself the best chances of getting her back is to NOT TRY instead, go date other women, and be scarce in her life.

In other words, you're never going to make her feel any ATTRACTION for you again by staying in touch, being her friend, and being "nice" and by trying to "win her over" again.

It would be nice if things worked that way, but they don't.

Now, why do guys chase women, and keep doing the WRONG things even after a woman has left?

In our dealings with women, we guys tend to think things like "That's not fair" and "I did all the right things" and to feel self-righteous because we're the good guy but miss the point and not get the RESULTS we want.

Remember though

Attraction isn't FAIR, it isn't "right", it doesn't care how "nice" you are. Attraction can be cruel and painful sometimes.

You know, the irony of your situation is that this girl was probably just as bummed-out as you were about this whole thing happening.

Women HATE it when guys turn into Wussies.

I know, I know she did things that made you turn into more and more of a Wuss. It's her fault too right?


Women do this stuff to TEST you.

They're not actually TRYING to turn you into a Wuss. But if you DO turn into a Wuss, she realizes that she can't trust you to be a man and she has to go.

Now, she's not doing this to hurt you, she's only doing it because she wasn't getting the feelings that she wanted with you and now she's getting them with Jerk-Boy.


As I mentioned, your best bet in this situation is to MOVE ON. Get on with it.

Most importantly, start dating OTHER WOMEN IMMEDIATELY.

Not in a few days, and not next week. NOW.

And, stop calling your ex. Stop responding to her quickly. Stop being her WUSS-FRIEND.

It's obvious that the LAST thing you want is to wind up "just being friends" with her so STOP DOING IT.

Next time she calls, tell her you have a date over at the house, or you're leaving to meet a woman. Of course, make sure IT'S TRUE, like I said.

Stop being so AVAILABLE.

Get busy enjoying your life.

Get busy dating other women.

If you find yourself thinking about her and wanting to hear her voice, BITCH-SLAP yourself. If you're feeling weak, have a friend do it.

And when you do wind up talking to her, say the following:

"Hey, calling for more therapy? No-can-do I have to run to the gym to get in shape for my hot date on Friday"

You feel me, dog?

And remember

In this world, "I was a nice guy and did nice things for her" doesn't cut it. Attraction has a totally different set of rules and exceptions. And if you want to get and keep an attractive woman, then you'd better learn them.

It's a skill, and you're not going to get it by being "nice" and doing everything your mom taught you

If a woman feels ATTRACTION for a man, she'll do almost anything to stay with him. If she DOESN'T feel it, then the chances are slim that she'll stay around.

These rules are even MORE TRUE when you're dealing with an ATTRACTIVE woman who gets a lot of attention from guys.

The irony of this situation is that I think it's a lot easier to make a woman feel ATTRACTION than it is to be a Wuss who chases after her, buys her things, and annoys the hell out of her.

I spent a lot of years of my life being a Wuss.

I made all the classic mistakes.

I should probably be awarded an honorary degree in the subject really.

But, over the last several years I've not only learned how to cure myself and evict my Inner Wuss I've also learned how to make women feel ATTRACTION with my body language and communication alone.

I only wish someone would have shown me this stuff fifteen years ago

If you're reading this right now and it's time that you evicted your inner Wussy, and learned how to make women feel ATTRACTION for you without chasing them, buying them things, and giving all of your power away, then listen up


This stuff isn't going to fix itself.

And you know by now that more of the same is only going to get you more of the same.

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