Wife Kisses Stripper

Wife Kisses Stripper Cover
I recently took my wife to a strip joint because she puts me through hell whenever I go to one with the boys. Well, to my surprise, she ended up getting a lap dance from some chick and the two even made out. At first, I was turned on, but now I'm pissed. She says it's my fault. Is it?


Wow, I mean, just, wow. What started out as "see honey, it's just a business for these chicks", turned into a possible case of mono. Hmm...

It sounds to me like your wife went into this with premeditation. Did she egg you on about taking her or did you insist she go? It just sounds way too convenient that she went to strip joint to "discover" what it was all about and ended up making out with one of the dancers. Weird.

It's not your fault, just so you know. Unless of course, you were whistling and saying "Yeah! Use some tongue! Eat her out!"

Otherwise, that's like saying that if she took you out dancing and you ended up making out with some chick at the bar, it'd be her fault. Ridiculous. She has to take responsibility for her actions.


My girlfriend recently told me how many men she slept with because I wanted to know. The number exceeded her age (she's 26) and now I think of her as a slut. When she told me, she acted like it was normal to have slept with that many men. Is it?


Everyone's "normal" is different, Nick. If all of your girlfriend's friends slept with that many men, then yes, that is normal for her. The fact that you think of her as a slut may spell the end of this relationship, though.

You are not the first man to be taken aback by his girlfriend's past exploits, and there's a good chance the relationship won't work out because of it. Just be honest with her and tell her that you can't let it go. She'll tell you that you were the one who wanted to know, so you'll have to explain what you were expecting and all that jazz.

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