David Wygant Vs Ross Jeffries

David Wygant Vs Ross Jeffries Image
The battle of the century has erupted.

In an unprovoked attack on David Wygant, Ross Jeffries delivered his typical rebuking:

David Wygant, could you help a guy like this:

I actually worked with your former client Jeremiah. He said you took him for nearly $10,000 and helped him not one bit; that he actually had to chase you down to get him to return your calls.

After two sessions with me(for which I didn't even charge him, I was so angry at your conning him) he lost his viriginity finally, at age 29. It's guys like you that really piss me off. I would love to knock your sorry ass out of business.



If this insult came from someone I respect as a man then it would sting. But from a man that hates everyone in the industry I find it actually quite comical! As for Jeremiah I worked with him for 2 hours and the last time I checked I do not charge 5000 an hour. So besides some anger management issues Ross also is incapable of simple addition!

This is why I am in business so men have a choice and don't have to deal with angry dating gurus like Ross!

Its all about a choice and I am glad that ross was able to get Jeremiah laid. My style is the total opposite of Ross and the great thing about this industry is that men have a choice of whom to work with. If someone wants to learn seduction from Ross then go for it.

But he needs to get his facts straight, jeremiah is 26 and was not a virgin. Its funny but Ross seems to hate everyone in this industry. Do you think it reflects how he feels about himself?

Life is a mirror. That's all for me.

I guess it's that time of year again when we can all get ready for summer and have a small dose of dating guru rivalry. If it came down to it, whose side would you be on? Who have you had better results with, or who would you want to learn from?


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