Why Men Cheat

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Cheating can be prevalent in whatever place you are living in. The reasons why do men cheat vary among men. They aren't satisfied sexually, they are not connecting emotionally anymore, they think that their wives have no more time for them, and so on and so forth. Plus, there is also the factor whether or not you had something to do it. Are cheating men a result of ungrateful women? The mystery continues. Of course, each relationship is fairly unique no matter how similar they may be. Every person in this earth is created differently and thus the relationships formed are special in their own way. However, there are certain patterns that one can observe to determine some of the reasons why do men cheat.


A possible reason as to why there are cheating men is that some men are actually afraid of getting into intimate and stable relationships. Being in an exclusive relationship entails a lot of commitment and dedication from both parties. A man has to be truly devoted to his woman and make the effort to keep the love alive. He has to be faithful not only by not seeing anyone else but he also has to make the relationship work by being consistently honest, trustworthy, and basically all the factors why you fell in love with him in the first place. In other cases, cheating men are afraid of being committed because they were the ones who were victims of a cheated relationship. Since they don't want it to happen to them again, they are the ones who are the investigators this time around. This is a likely motive why do men cheat.

Alongside the fear of commitment, men have other girls because they use them as "back-ups." A relationship is no sure thing and a man creates a safety net by acquiring a lot of women so he wouldn't end up alone. Of course this is a stupid idea because in the end, he'll realize that he'll be alone.


The thrill of having a mistress adds another reason why do men cheat. Your boyfriend might already be tired from the daily routine he has with you. He has grown weary from all the things you do as a couple and he wants to try something different. Another girl will give him a chance to experience new things. He can try out other activities and hobbies he wouldn't experience with you. Cheating men want variety in their lives. Doing things differently every now and then makes men happy. Also, there is the thrill of getting caught. Everyday is an adventure with the mistress hoping to avoid you in the process. The excitement is added every time he gets away thinking that you're clueless.


Another huge reason why do men cheat is their lust for sex. Many cheating men are into physical relationships with other women to keep them satisfied. Your boyfriend might not feel wanted or needed around you so he looks for other means to satisfy his sexual urges. If you feel that you provide him with enough sex, then the cause of the problem is your boyfriend. Some men are just addicted to sex and women. Cheating men always want to be satisfied either by their girlfriends or other women.

There are other reasons why do men cheat. As said earlier, each case is different from one another. If you already have doubts in your own relationship, take the time to know what the problem is. The question why do men cheat isn't a complete mystery once you narrow down the patterns of cheating men.

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