He Is Not Even Good Pua Himself

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Battle of Natural vs Routine. Who will be victorious? Of course most of us will cheer for the underdog which currently is daygame/natural game, because routines are flashier and have such big names as Mystery and Style behind it. Naturals big name is David Deanglelo and double your dating, and he is not even good pua himself. I personaly big follower of natural skill, natural game, natural pickup in life as well as in approaching and meeting women. I find it more natural and more fun, because it is not work, and meeting women shouldn't be work.

I am happy to see that natural game / daygame gathering steam and a lot more people showing interest in it, even when compare it to how it was only a year ago. In my Wingmen group i see a lot more interest in day game in comparisons to even six month ago. I am glad to see guys wanting to build up their personalities and gain confidence, rather then substitute those attributes with the routines. And no even in the beginning routines are not helpful, i have years of dating coaching and observations to prove it, and might write a post about it. The reason WHY "MPUA"s stressing out that you should learn routine, is because it is much easier to teach them. Its lines, memorize and you are done. Where when you are developing your natural alpha male, it takes a lot more then routines to get good, but change is global and starts affecting your whole behavior. I just wrote an article on natural speed dating, i have posted.

it here.

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