When You Want To Attract Guys Who Are Shy

When You Want To Attract Guys Who Are Shy Image
When dating, women do a lot of things to attract guys. In traditional cultures, men are supposed to make the first move and take initiative. Since women aren't used to coming up to a guy first, they do what they can to attract guys in clubs, bars, parks, or anywhere else. However, there are those rare cases that women take the initiative. These instances happen when women want to attract guys who are shy.

Shy guys are said to be nice, sensitive, and caring. That is why a lot of women prefer trying to attract guys who are of this kind. However, these men aren't used to make the first move and rarely do they come out of their shells. A shy guy may seem insecure or someone who lacks confidence but you can be sure that he's nice and he won't harm you. For dating men, shy ones are hard to get but they are very suitable for women who are looking for a stable relationship


When you want to attract guys, you have to be the one to make the first move. Don't expect shy guys to come up to you. It's not that you're not beautiful or attractive but they are, by their definition, shy. When you start talking to them be careful and don't be too aggressive. These men are quiet and timid and it may take a while for them to warm up to you. Being too aggressive will make them nervous. This doesn't mean that you have to be the only one talking in the conversation, but be the one who's always thinking of topics and things to say. You can prepare topics for dating so that you can keep the conversation going. Wait for him to respond and do what you can to prevent having dead air between the two of you.

Because they have the tendency to close up instantly, it's important that you keep your aura friendly and approachable for dating. You won't be able to attract guys if you are too intrusive. When he doesn't want to talk right away, respect his space. Slowly, he'll open and your conversations will be more meaningful. Nod and smile accordingly to make him feel more comfortable.


Shy guys don't necessarily have boring lives. You might be surprised that these men have interesting hobbies. They might also have great insights regarding different issues in life and topics good for dating. All these things are kept inside of a shy guy so it's your job to open up his personality. Ask him simple questions like what he likes to do, his occupation, his passions, and more. You can have an intimate and meaningful conversation with him.


The way you use your body to attract guys is also important. For dating these types of men, body language is a way for them to feel relaxed. Use your eyes to tell that you are interested in a guy and what he's saying. Just the right amount of eye contact is needed for dating. You don't want to stare at him too long nor do you want to look around while you are talking. All it takes is a few seconds of eye contact to let him know you are there in the moment with him.You can also use touch to loose the awkwardness. A slight touch of the arm, poke, or tap, is a form of flirting that is not overly aggressive for dating. Little touches like these will make him laugh and giggle.


Always remember that you should be proactive when it comes to shy guys. You should have the right balance of taking the initiative but not sounding invasive. You have to be patient if you want to attract guys who are shy. In due time, they'll open up and you can become closer.

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