Book Review Dating Rocks

Book Review Dating Rocks Cover
Dating Rocks! By Steve Nakamoto

I've always found it bizarre to watch other women advise women on what men want, when it's obvious that women should be seeking the advice of a man.

STEVE NAKAMOTO is just the man for the job because in" ROCKS! , he gives women a sensible view into the mind of a man and explains what men really want out of a relationship.

The chapters in the book are broken down into simple steps that make everything that he writes easy to understand and manageable as a resource you can look to whenever you get confused about men.

From the moments upon meeting a man to getting seriously involved, Nakamoto covers all aspects of dating, and lets women know what men find highly desirable.

Nakamoto makes it clear that to attract a man, you must make yourself attractive, but to keep a man, you must maintain a relationship and pay attention to it constantly if you want to remain happy.

So for any single woman who is frustrated with the dating game or for any woman who's currently involved and feels like she's in a relationship rut, STEVE NAKAMOTO can help you figure out what's going on and how to change your situation so that you can enjoy a healthy, happy relationship.


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