Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science (1.2 MB)

Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science Cover Derek Vitalio is a dating guru based out of Miami, Florida. His signature book “Seduction Science” which is now in it’s 3rd edition.

I’ve had every same frustration, set-back, fear, and regret not so long ago. To begin with, I had NO IDEA how to meet all the beautiful women who crossed my path. I could hardly even meet a woman, and when I did I always ended up the night alone after spending a lot of money on a date that went nowhere. And it really SUCKED. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve blown with women in the past… it hurts just thinking about it.

Derek Vitalio has been in the seduction community for many years now, and espouses the alpha male type teaching technique. Derek Vitalio’s products include Seduction Science, Deep Inner Game, and more.

Derek Vitalio learned hypnosis from a female neuro linguistic programmer. In his research and application of mind technologies, he discovered a unique way for men to become attractive to the opposite sex, using hypnotic methodologies. Interviewed by A&E television, his system has already helped thousands with their love lives. He now travels the world helping people access the power of their minds.

Derek Vitalio has a very large collection of articles he has made available for you to use and enjoy ere are some of his older bodies of work

Articles by Derek Vitalio

* Feeling A Sense Of Gratitude And Dating Women

* How To Have Actual Fun Picking Up Girls

* The Bad Boy Image

* Appearance and Body Language

* Staying Safe

* Pitfalls in Dating

* When A Woman Starts To Want More From You

* The Magic of Relaxed Confidence

* The Right State and the Wrong State To Attract Women

* The Magic Approach to Attracting Women

* All You Have To Do Is. Act Naturally To Attract Women

* The Sleaze or the Smooth of Picking Up Women

* Mastering the Whole Club Thing

* Creating Your Seducer Identity

* Secrets of Making a Woman Attracted To You

* The Experimental Mindset to Attract Women

* The Power of Relaxed Confidence

* The Five Stages Of Seduction- And What Happens if You Skip Any of Them!

* Be Her Hero, Not Her Wuss

* The Art of Breaking the Ice

Books by Derek Vitalio

* Seduction Science

* The Blueprint of Seduction

* Opening Magic

Other Products by Derek Vitalio

* Blissnosis

* NonVerbal Sexual Cuing

* Masculinity Enhancement Program

Buy Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science ($6.1)


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