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You are in luck my friend. When it comes to how to attract women, looks don't really matter to girls. Most people have the common misconception that looks might actually be a factor, though that is so far from the truth. If you are living into that idea, than it's most likely the biggest reason, as to why you aren't attracting women into your life in the first place.

Let's break down exactly why looks aren't what women find attractive in men. What do you think men are attracted to in women?

You may just think that it's looks that men find to be what generates attraction from men to women. Some of it may actually be visual. Though, it's not. From an evolutionary psychology stand point, we are led to believe that men are attracted to woman not exactly for their looks. What men are actually attracted to in women, are signs of youth and fertility. She doesn't necessarily have to be young and or fertile, though if she demonstrates the energy and optimism of someone who does possess these traits, than she will be highly attractive to men.

This is because, as men we know that if we were to find someone who had youthful energy and was able to have a child, the child will be beautiful and healthy as well. Beautiful and healthy people, have an advantage in life, typically being given privileges in life, like higher pay, and self-assurance. To have kids that knew how to make themselves be happy, would make your life as a father, a success.

Now, what do women find to be attractive in men? What are women attracted to in men? They are attracted to personal value and social status. Social status, meaning having the potential to provide and protect with ease. This doesn't mean the guy has to have a lot of money, though it does mean he has to possess the traits of someone who could have financial stability. Someone who is well-off financially tends to be confident and happy. If you are a man who is confident and happy well then you possess the traits of someone who has social status.

What you have to understand that, is that however you first portray yourself to people is how they will believe you to actually be. The same goes for yourself. If you are wanting to have a lot of money, instead of worrying so much about what you want to have, it would be better to identify how someone who has a lot of money acts in the world. How does that person, make people around him feel? How do people receive him. If you can play into being a person who has money, then it will be a lot easier for you to actually take the actions into what will make you the money.

Now, not only is social status what is attractive, also is personal value. Personal value essentially is, how much you believe you deserve. People that feel as if they deserve the best, tend to get the best. Most men, work backwards and believe they need social status before getting personal value. This is completely invalid. It would be better to go about getting personal value in order to gain social status.


This article was originally written by our awesome friend, Kevin Salas.

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