Coffee Defines Your Personality

Coffee Defines Your Personality Cover
Body language experts, Judi James and James Moore, authors of" You "believe that your cup of coffee actually emits a hidden message about you to those around you.

ESPRESSO DRINKER: Moddy, hard-working and are leaders who have fast goals. Espresso drinkers are experienced and exciting as lovers, but are not reliable or loyal.

BLACK COFFEE DRINKER: Has a no-frills approach to life and can be quiet and moody. They're all about minimalism.

LATTE DRINKER: The metrosexual of coffees, these types have an overwhelming need to be liked and, although they may come off as hot shots, they have a very immature side to them.

CAPPUCCINO DRINKERS: These folks enjoy sex immensely but become easily bored by unimaginative partners.

DECAF SOY MILK DRINKER: Attention seekers with tendencies to be picky, fussy and irritable in the bedroom. Hmm, sounds like a party.

And for those who just don't like coffee, the news isn't good. This means that you're afraid of life. No seriously, if you don't drink coffee, you haven't been living all this time.

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