Giuseppe Notte - All About Women The Encyclopedia Of Seduction (1.2 MB)

Giuseppe Notte - All About Women The Encyclopedia Of Seduction Cover All About Women - The Encyclopedia of Seduction is a great all-round Dating Advice eBook. Writing as an authority on the subject, Giuseppe Notte breaks his book down into four straight-forward areas.

* Get Inside The Mind of a Girl

Notte shows you how lame you've probably been acting all this time. A real eye-opener.

* Act Like a Man

How real men act, everything from style to body language.

* The What/Where/When

Most Dating Advice eBooks have this section, but Notte's spells it out much more clearly than most. Also includes a very handy chapter on 'Getting Her Number' - something vital that is often overlooked.

* From First Dates To Having Sex

Everything you need to know to ensure you make it to the bedroom. How to act on a first date, how to know if she is ready to get physical, getting her in the mood, etc.

This last part was the clincher for us. It really makes it clear exactly what you have to do in order to score. Be sure to combine this with the second bonus 'How To Spice Up Your Sexual Life' - a must-read if you want to take things further.

Notte is fast becoming an authority on this topic. Although it would be great if he wrote a complimentary newsletter as well, All About Women is seriously challenging Double Your Dating as our favourite book.

Buy Giuseppe Notte - All About Women The Encyclopedia Of Seduction ($6.13)


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