Martin Merill - Make Women Laugh (606.0 Kb)

Martin Merill - Make Women Laugh Cover Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with all the thousands of jokes out there, most of them being not funny and lame. How, you wonder, can you sift through all those junks to obtain the good stuff to make women laugh?

The truth is… there are only a few jokes in the entire world.

What I mean is that there are only a few archetypes or original models based on which all the jokes are made. There are only a handful of joke formulae, or ways to construct different categories of jokes.

While there are only a few jokes in this world, to make different types of women laugh you have to resort to different styles of humor.

There is an important concept of marketing stating that you should provide the market a product that fits the customer’s need.

Same thing here.

You must design different funny guy personas to deliver different types of jokes to different woman. Remember what I said before? Different women demand different strategies.

On the other hand, women are adventurous too, despite how culture and education have shaped them otherwise. There is a wanton self in every woman. And they always want different men.

Well, I admit that’s not true for every woman. But it is true for almost every hot babe out there. After all we’re not talking about nice, polite, easy and slow dating, are we?

Woman love men who could be dramatic at times (they can be dramatic all the time for that matter), and they love men who can act.

The rule of the thumb is to be playful. It not only intrigues her but also makes you more confident and releases your tension.

That’s why you need a character to play.

The most important thing is to stay in your character long enough. If you are playing serious, don’t smile too much, otherwise you’ll spoil it. Staying in your character means that your looks, gesture, and catch phrases must consistently match the role you are in.

If you are with a particularly pretty woman who is used to be treated with courteousness by other men and always get her way, I strongly recommend that you act cocky and funny and stay that way. Don’t spoil it by smiling at her more than necessary.

You might want to choose a “profile” or “character” you are comfortable with or one that you would like to test out. For example, tonight you can be “the secret man”, like a spy or something. Of course I’m not asking you to be a jerk and actually act like a spy. I’m telling you to assume the persona of a spy (reads: mysterious guy). And please, never ever tell her you are a spy. You may joke about that but just don’t be lame.

Sometimes it might be even beneficial to make it known to her through facial expression, body language, tone of voice, etc. that you are playing a character. She might even play along with you. If she does, well, congratulations!

Are you ready to unleash the power of humor inside you?

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