Carlos Xuma - Secrets Of The Alpha Man (1.7 MB)

Carlos Xuma - Secrets Of The Alpha Man Cover Secrets of the Alpha Man ebook is the first to bring together the success principles with pickup and attracting women and the skills that make a man ALPHA. These are the bedrock principles of the Alpha Man, and how he can shape his life into the success that he desires.

Secrets of the Alpha Man is your first step in a complete instructional system designed to put men on a path towards personal power, career success and total confidence with women .

This program works on multiple levels . First, you will learn to develop a mindset of absolute, unstoppable confidence that will eliminate any feelings of fear, anxiety or complacency . Next, we will teach you an arsenal of specific tactics and techniques for winning in any social setting. This especially applies to your interactions with women.

You will learn automatic approaches, the secrets of subliminally guiding and controlling conversations, surefire closing" techniques, and most importantly, gain the confidence and knowledge to date the most desirable women on your terms , instead of theirs

Secrets of the Alpha Man e-book will show you...

* How the "Twin Demons," Pain and Fear, have kept you from capitalizing on many sexual opportunities without you even realizing it, and how to conquer them forever

* How the internal chemistry of our brain has a powerful influence on how we respond to women , and why emotional control is the key to making women feel "bonded" to you

* The truth about "negs" and the "cocky/funny" approach. Why these methods backfire in most cases, and why you should use "teases" instead... especially to capture the interest of High Status Females

* An easy, effective strategy for "turning the tables" : make her feel the need to prove herself to you

* Subliminal techniques for reinforcing and boosting your own confidence to a constant Alpha level

What "Secrets of the Alpha Man" is NOT!

* This book is NOT another lame self-help book like you see in the stores these days. This is time-proven success secrets from the Natural Alpha Men who GET women

* This book is NOT another tired collection of "pickup lines".

* This book is NOT a bunch of useless dating tips on body language, like "walk confidently".

* This book is NOT a collection of "field reports" from guys talking about their sleazy conquests.

* This book is NOT another list of affirmations - we show you how to build REAL confidence with REAL life skills.


Buy Carlos Xuma - Secrets Of The Alpha Man ($6.31)


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