Men Who Clean Get Laid

Men Who Clean Get Laid Cover
According to an Oxford economist, if a man wants to get laid for a long time to come, he'd better start cleaning the house and helping with the kids.

An Oxford study suggests that men who live in Great Britain, the Scandinavian countries or the United States are more likely to get married or live with a woman because they are more likely to help around the house.

Australian men, not so much. Those lazy bastards.

The study discovered that women who lived in less egalitarian countries were about 20% to 50% less likely to be living with or married to someone. It's no surprise. Considering women work and raise kids, it would be almost impossible to do it all without any help.

What woman wants to get married only to have kids and have to raise them on her own, clean the house daily, buy all the household items, and work, and let the guy "do his thing"? That's insane.

So if the men of the world want to live with someone or get married at any point in their lives, they better be willing to help around the house and be very present in their children's lives.

Pick up a broom; it might get you laid.

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