Men Get Stupid Talking To Hot Women

Men Get Stupid Talking To Hot Women Image
New research shows that men who spend even just a few minutes talking to an attractive woman don't perform very well on tests designed to measure brain function than those who are in the company of a woman they don't find attractive.

Researchers who carried out the study, which was published in the" of Experimental and Social "think that it's because men are busy trying hard to impress the attractive women so they have little brain resources left to do anything else.

These findings are likely going to make it near impossible for a hot woman to get a job now. The last thing an employer needs is a bunch of brain dead men with hard ons trying to impress the hot chick making copies.

In a shocking twist of events (not really), women were not affected by chatting up good-looking men.

The idea for this study came about when one psychologist at Radboud University in the Netherlands couldn't remember his address when an attractive woman he had never met before asked him where he lived.

40 male heterosexual students were used in the test, and time and time again, they scored lower and lower on a test after chatting up a woman they found to be attractive.

Now that's quite the weapon to have in your arsenal. If you're a salesman and want to rip off clients, take a hot chick with you to close your sales.

But psychologist DR. GEORGE FIELDMAN, said that the findings only reflect men's animal instincts. "When a man meets a pretty woman, he is what we call 'reproductively focused'."

For women, they want more than just good looks - wealth, youth and kindness are part of the package, that's why our brain function isn't affected when we meet a McDreamy.

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