C Kellogg - Create More Time Out Of Thin Air (472.0 Kb)

C Kellogg - Create More Time Out Of Thin Air Cover Welcome to Create More Time… out of thin air!

Have you ever felt that there is not enough time in the world? Do you even feel that you don’t have the time to read this book? Well, I don’t know about you, but you and I are the same – we all have 24 hours a day, from Bill Gates to the beggar sitting around the corner. But here’s an interesting fact, we actually have more time than we realize and it could be just under our noses.

You don’t have to hunt high and low for time either. Our lives are controlled by this routine – so called ‘responsibility’. The funny thing is, we even spend our time and money consulting with time management specialists on how to increase time usage and efficiency, trying frantically to squeeze every last ounce of profit we have from out time, and yet the demands of this generation practically gobbles up our time all the time no matter what spare time we have.

You see, when we count back the days of our lives, we realize that it can definitely be less complex. From the pursuit of money to trying to get our greedy little

hands on every new fad and facade life has to offer, one wonders what the rush is all about.

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