Husband Injects Wife With Hiv

Husband Injects Wife With Hiv Image
In a bid to get his wife to start having sex with him again, a 35-year-old HIV positive husband tried numerous times to inject his wife with his own blood so that she can get HIV as well and they can get back to having unprotected sex.

The New Zealand man pricked his sleeping wife with a sewing needle dipped in his own blood twice before she finally caught on when she came home one day and caught him tampering with a syringe he used to extract his own blood.

The second time he tried it, she awoke to find a blood-tinged scar on her leg, but still did not think that her husband would do something so insanely stupid.

The thing is, after she found out that he was HIV positive while she and her kids remained HIV negative, she cut her husband off of unprotected sex, but did agree to have protected sex with him. So I don't get why he was tripping out.

I mean at least she still slept with him after it was obvious that he cheated on her and contracted the disease.

The man stands to face upwards of 14 years in jail.

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