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David Lieberman - Never Be Lied To Again.mp3 Cover You read that I took a very quick interest in the book because from the very beginning(inside front cover) I had already connected with what was being said.

This book still gets two thumbs from me for several reasons. Although I honestly expected to learn about visual detection methods, I am very happy I was able to learn what I call the 'Verbal Response' detection method. This is what I would summarize this book as.

There is mention toward the very end of the book of eye movement. He mentions that if you are a right handed person, visual memories are accessed by the eyes going up and to the left. Left handed people, it's the reverse. When a right-handed person is deceiving you, his/her eyes go up and to the right and the opposite for a left-handed person.

That was pretty much the only mention of 'visual' detection techniques.

I purchased this book because the lie detection concept is very interesting to me. I also intend on utilizing it in my real estate as well. I spend a lot of time on the phone as you probably do also. I believe this book focusing on the 'Verbal Response' detection will greatly increase my abilities to know whether or not I'm getting myself into aggrevation or not.

Once you get this book, you WILL have to re-read it. There is a lot to absorb. I can't say that I absorbed all of it reading it for the first time so I know I will re-read it here very soon. I have other books in a pile to get to first. I think by coming back to this book once it's not so fresh, it will not feel redundant and I'll pick up on other things I missed the first time.

Although not directly related to real estate, I really believe it will highly benefit any investor. I can't tell you how many times in just the past week or so since I've got the book that I've been lied to. I know I have because things that are being referenced in the book are happening to me in real life. It concerns me a little that I'll now be picking up on things in my personal life but that will be something I have to work on. As for real estate, I'm excited to see it's progress for my benefits.

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