Candace Bushnell Launches Broadroom

Candace Bushnell Launches Broadroom Cover

The Broadroom Webisode by Candace Bushnell

A new webshow is making waves, thanks to" and the "scribe CANDACE BUSHNELL came to be because CANDACE BUSHNELL wanted to work with "magazine, but did not know in what capacity.

Soon enough, the idea of webisodes came into play and before they knew it, they had JENNIE GARTH, JENNIFER ESPOSITO, and TALIA BALSAM on board to star, and MAYBELLINE decided to get involved as well.

With CANDACE BUSHNELL introduces women to the business world and what life is like when a bunch of women get to talking in a boardroom, or", rather.

Although men would rather poke their eyes out with rusted spoons than watch this show, it seems CANDACE BUSHNELL knows exactly how to target her main demographic - well-to-do white women in their 40s.

Personally, we love JENNIFER ESPOSITO and her speech about there being no good men except the ones living in their parents' basements trying to create a comic book company or quitting their real jobs at 39 to become script writers is hilarious.

Other than that, we're thinking no. Look what happened to They tried the makeup and drama marriage and that ended in divorce pretty quickly.

Click here to see an episode of The Broadroom

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