Dr Paul - The Secrets Of Mature Masculine Power (542.0 Kb)

Dr Paul - The Secrets Of Mature Masculine Power Cover Since my finalizing in 1999 of the first unification theory of psychology, called Mind OS, the operating system of the human mind, I have worked to help people of all walks of life with the technology.

Over those years I have come to take a special interest in the unique needs of men in the post-sexual-revolution era. Through association with some of the leaders of the menswork movement, I have seen growing numbers of men both in private practice and the community at large suffer feels of less and less empowerment in postmodern culture.

Men who know what their role in society and in the romance department in particular seem to be in dwindling numbers. Perhaps one reason for that is the pressured put by society on their own fathers, men who in many cases were emotionally absent in their son’s youths. The ravages of divorce and job loss have wrecked hardship on the modern male psyche, and far worse confusion on the psyches of their sons. And when in the modern age have you heard of the crucial importance of a GRANDFATHER? This is the man who teaches your own FATHER how to “father” YOU.

Well, I’d like to propose to you that if you want to feel empowered as a man again in this day and age, that can only come through work on your character maturity. And while there are numerous bodies of knowledge on character growth available, especially through the tenets of organized religion and spiritual practice, some men also desire concrete, step-by-step instruction in easy language and with the aid of modern science. See the body of knowledge I present to you as something that may work hand-inhand with the spiritual practice you already have in place in your life.

I simply want to make personal growth something for you that has two crucial features:

1. Ease of instruction, like a paint-by-numbers or a list of check-boxes.

2. Something that can be relied upon to give concrete, measurable results through science.

If you are familiar with the Mind OS™ technology, then you know that all of human behavior and challenges that come our way can be reduced to simple parts that can be analyzed.

I propose to you that there are TWO core features of masculine psychology that while not representing ALL there is to human character, certainly are the most pure, core masculine factors in your growth.

The first that I have to present to you is the workings of what is called your Personal Boundary—that invisible sphere around you that works exactly like the border of a country.

The second is the emotional energy called CONFIDENCE. Mastery of how to grow, manipulate, and effectively use this energy is what most laymen recognize as the core of “manliness”. Even actor Sean Connery, when asked what his secret of attraction to the opposite sex is, claims it to be “confidence, confidence, and confidence.”

The chapters that follow will direct you through these core principles of mature masculine power. A detailed analysis of your personal boundary and your level of confidence will provide you with everything you need as a man to be radiating this power to the rest of the world, and using it effectively in your life.

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