Men Cry 6 Times A Year

Men Cry 6 Times A Year Cover
Here I thought that the new age sensitive guy cries at the drop of a hat (don't laugh, I'm serious), it seems that the average man cries 6 times a year.

And no, they don't cry because of touching commercials or Izzie's stage 4 cancer; they cry because their dogs die, they cry at funerals, and yes, they even cry at weddings.

And while men cry about 6 times a year, women cry, on average, between 30 and 64 times a year. And we're not talking quiet sobbing, we're talking wailing for 6 whole minutes.

When men cry, they cry for about 2 minutes and then get on with it.

Psychologist and Associate Professor JOSEPH CIARROCHI said, "In social display rules, it's much more acceptable for women to experience feelings of vulnerability. I don't think that men"'"experience these feelings, but it's socially less acceptable for a man to express them."

And yeah, I was right about the sensitive new age guy; he cries upwards of 17 times a year. So looks like men really are the new women in some circles.

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