Book Review Men Women And Relationships

Book Review Men Women And Relationships Cover
Men, Women and Relationships By John Gray

It's kind of weird when you think about it; couples get married to commit to another person for (what we're assuming will be) life, and yet, once they tie the knot, it seems that the relationship hits the crapper.

Why? Because, too often, men and women think they no longer have to try when they get married. In fact, the opposite is true. John Gray puts it best when he writes, "There will always be obstacles to overcome in sustaining a loving relationship. Too often, men assume that once they are married, the work of having a relationship is over. Realistically, that is when it begins."

So if you're in the midst of troubled waters with your significant other, rather than drown yourself (or them), reach for a life preserver in the form of", WOMEN AND "If you're the guy who's withdrawing from his relationship because he's stressed, or you're the woman who is constantly correcting and making demands of your boyfriend because you think that this will motivate him to change, you need to read this book. And I mean yesterday.

I'm sure you already know that John Gray is the famous author of" ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM "so when he states that men and women process information differently, it's time for you to stop what you're doing and read on.

Even if you're in a good relationship, John Gray can help you make sure you keep it that way by figuring out what's going on in your significant other's head.


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