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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Let's dive right into a theme week, shall we? For many of us, dogs play an important part in our lives. They give us companionship, exercise and lots of laughs! As you will see in this week's romance comic book stories, dogs can even play an important role in facilitating love!

This adorable story that ran as part of a semi-regular feature called, "Sweet Mystery of Love!" is from Falling in Love #95 (November 1967) and illustrated by the ever-talented Nick Cardy. In it, we meet Jean, a young woman terrified of making the first move on a guy she likes. Trouble is, the clock is ticking as the army is about to ship Bill off!

Jean frequently walks by Bill's house, but is never able to muster up enough courage to say a simple hello. Her friends give her advice on how to strike up a conversation, but Jean never follows through and consequently, wallows in her fears and inaction.

One day, Jean decides to get a dog to occupy her time. She picks out a little French Poodle and names the little guy Billy -- after her crush.

Girl and dog quickly form a bond, and the two go for a walk. Naturally, she takes Billy past Bill's house, feeling a little bit more confident that she has an excuse to walk by. Though Bill doesn't notice Jean, Billy notices Bill's dog, Missy. Billy breaks free of his leash and chases Missy off of Bill's porch.

And just like that, Jean has a reason to talk to Bill! The two chase after their dogs and eventually catch up to them. Jean apologizes, but Bill says he is actually glad that it happened. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Such a sweet little story, don't you think?

Check back all this week for more puppy love!

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