Wedding Day Behind The Scenes

Wedding Day Behind The Scenes Image
Wedding Day.....(behind the scenes)

My knees were shaking as I glanced at him, "my ex-boyfriend".. he's with someone, malamang girlfriend nya.

I pretend na di ko cia nakita, but he grabbed my shoulder bag at napalingon ako.. alam ko cia ang humila ng bag ko..
"baliw" (as usual na tawag nya sa akin) at parang wala lang, I said "hi" kanina pa daw nya ako nakita hindi lang daw ako namamansin, sabi ko na lang cencia, I was busy fixing my things, sabay smile.

He asked me if I received the invitation of his wedding..saka ko lang naalala ikakasal na nga pala cia, kelan? 7 days from pa yun ng birthday ko... the man I loved before is announcing the date of his wedding with this curly haired lady in front of me.. the man who's deeply in love with me before..*sigh**..

It's been 3 month since we met, siguro masasabi kong.. I missed him, so much... hindi lang talaga maganda ang naging paghihiwalay namin, may mga bagay talaga na dapat ayusin, mga bagay na nasira sa mga hindi...

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