Wife Tried To Kill Husband 3 Times

Wife Tried To Kill Husband 3 Times Cover
DALIA DIPPOLITO tried to kill her husband three times without success.

Before her arrest in August 2009, DALIA DIPPOLITO tried to hire a hitman to kill her newlywed spouse MICHAEL DIPPOLITO. When the supposed hitmen got their hands on the money, they split.

When that fell through, she tried to poison her husband by putting anti-freeze in his tea.

When that failed as well, she decided to call on a friend to help her kill her husband.

Her friend, however, thought she was insane and instead called the police to reveal what DALIA DIPPOLITO was up to.

Although she told this friend that she didn't want to off her husband because of the money, police later discovered that she convinced her husband to put their 3-storey condo in her name. And she even took $100,000 from him.

Needless to say, this chick might be dying to get rid of her husband, and she finally did. Only thing is, she's going to be sitting in a jail cell all by herself instead of some beach.

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