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I always love encountering the na"ive beginners who think nothing but good things will result from pledging themselves to a pickup company. Their optimism oftentimes reveals a lot about their warped interpretations of the pickup industry which are the direct result of over-the-top marketing from various programs out there.

Yes, working for a dating coach can help your dating. Yes, you may get to travel. Yes, guys from all over will look to you for advice which may stroke your ego. Yes, you'll get to meet the top coaches from all over the globe. And yes, it may fill up your bank account a bit. The benefits are obvious because those who offer these jobs make sure of it.

But lets be real here - only morons ignore the cons, and highlight the pros when considering a possible job. You're smarter than them so it's time to weigh this opportunity with a realistic perspective.

For all the candidates who have experience in sales, management, marketing, or similar positions that involve maintaining a broad overview of an entire industry - you are ahead of the rest.

Why?Because you understand the meaning of a free market.

For those that don't, there are some difficulties you will encounter should you graduate from student to teacher. Here are examples...

COMPETITIONOut of every moral one can learn by reading "THE GAME: PENETRATING THE SECRET SOCIETY OF PICKUP ARTISTS", this one is overlooked the most. Guys all over have become infatuated by the idea of simplifying the pursuit of pussy. Rarely do they stop to look through the eyes of a businessman. Those that do can see just how vicious this industry can get if you're not careful.

You will endure the good and the bad of competition. Don't kid yourself. So be ready to face the bad. This, in general, may include a variety of censorship, unexpected rivalries, legal mumbo jumbo and the art of keeping it all secret from clientele.

If you find yourself being asked to bash, threaten, or discredit the competition in any way I highly urge you to quit on the spot for the simple sake of protecting yourself from any involvement in legal action from either party. Neglecting professionalism can lead to lawsuits and the last thing you want is to end up being an accomplice, or even the scapegoat.

REPUTATIONEven the most non-confrontational and innocent interns are likely to get sucked into pickup politics the moment they commit to a company. You don't just take on the positive messages that company teaches. You also inherit the skeletons it has hiding in the closet - guilt by association.

Before you sign the dotted line, take a step back, and see just how many bridges that potential boss has burned. Is the company growing from a high demand? Or do they just need reinforcements so they can go down fighting?

Due diligence is your friend. Check out online reviews. See just how many people complained about their services. Read bootcamp reviews (preferably on unaffiliated forums) and take note of the instructor's names - then look to see if those same instructors are available or if they've quit. You'll find a great in-depth index of instructors at DATING SKILLS REVIEW. You'll also find some legitimate stories at PUAHATE.COM but that's definitely full of many shit-slingers too. Furthermore, be equally detailed about the company's interns. How long do most last on average? How quickly do they advance? Ask for a specific to-do list interns must meet in order to upgrade to assistant coach.

Questions will help reveal more too. Don't be afraid to ask why they feel they want "you" on their team. Challenge their methods of choosing new employees, especially if this is your first conversation together. After all, how can they imply "you" are what they're looking for if they don't know anything about you?

ORIGINALITYIn addition, those who are or have been involved with Copyright Law can look at the pickup industry and recognize the ever-expanding gray area - it's a perfect nesting ground for conflict.

Many things taught by modern coaches have been around for ages. But they're marketed as new ideas simply because they've been stamped with a new name.

If I took Johnny, your newborn son, and wrote "Adam" on his forehead, then claimed him as my own, you'd probably have a problem with that. If not, you'd be great for the MAURY SHOW.

Not everyone in this business is a hack. Some just neglect giving credit where it's due. Or they touch on such a common topic that by chance they overlap what a previous coach pointed out.

Also remember that multiple negative reports don't necessarily blacklist a company. Sometimes a jaded keyboard jockey just gives up during a bootcamp and then blames everyone else in a series of complaints under various usernames. Online forums are steroids for excessive opinions and little to no educational material - much like reality shows.

Understand where the company you're thinking of working for resides in relation to this. Knowing such information will help you foresee the chances of winding up in court for promoting something that belongs to someone else. Study them with as much thoroughness as you'd want a hypothetical defense attorney to have when putting together the case that could free you from jail.

INSURANCEEven the most successful guys in this business have told me they have plans to retire. Coaching for a year or two isn't hard. Doing it for a decade or more, constantly reinventing the company, and creating fresh methods are definitely the bigger challenges.

So plan accordingly. Pursue something other than pickup instruction so you can fall back on another skill. While you're young, explore your passions and let pickup be part of your life, not all of it.

When the hype dies down and you've achieved your crazy goals of threesomes and cougars and models, it quickly becomes apparent that the most personal aspects of your life are no longer personal. Some live for the publicity and that's great. But many who have no financial gains from complete transparency find a balance and choose to take back their privacy. Make sure you have that right, rather than being obligated by your boss to exploit every little sexual encounter you have as a cheap marketing tactic.

FINAL THOUGHTSI know this post will potentially trigger negative responses. That's great. I'm glad I, at the very least, challenged your way of thinking. I showed you another view to consider and why. I called "bullshit" on all of the marketing signs with hot chicks that distracted you with boners.

This post is to help you proceed with caution rather than dive in head-first.

And for those of you still fixated on a particular method, remember I did not namedrop anyone. I could've. I have enough ammo to piss off a ton of people in this industry. But why? What's the point?

There are sincere and absolutely brilliant people who specialize in helping others, many of whom I have been privileged enough to call friends. Before you feel the need to be the publicist in defense of your favorite pickup company, remember chances are they have a professional marketing team that'll get far more attention than my crappy-ass blog.

Like every occupation, this one also requires qualifications including but not limited to: having thick skin, a basic understanding of sales, the ability to talk to people you have no intention of sleeping with, a flexible schedule for traveling and long work days, the perseverance to pursue your own relationships amidst the chaos of it all, and the patience for a tedious hazing process during which you build a name for yourself before being knighted as one of the newest instructors.

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