Anne Heche Trash Talks Ex Husband

Anne Heche Trash Talks Ex Husband Cover
On Wednesday August 26, 2009, ANNE HECHE was a guest on" NIGHT WITH DAVID "and took the opportunity to beat down her ex-husband COLEY LAFFOON, whom she divorced in 2007 and has a son with.

First, she called him a "lazy ass", then she went on to say that his mission is to coach a 7-year-old soccer team.

Then when DAVID LETTERMAN asked ANNE HECHE what he does, she replied, "He goes out to the mailbox, and he opens the little mailbox door and goes, 'Oh, I got a check from Anne! Oh my gosh, I got a check from Anne! Yay!'"

The audience cracked up, but it's obvious that she's quite bitter about the whole thing.

ANNE HECHE seems to be forgetting that she used ELLEN DEGENERES as a means to making a name for herself in Hollywood, then suddenly became "straight" again.

What makes it all so sad is that she seems real bitter about it and man, this is the father of her child. Is that any way to talk about her son's dad? What if her son sees it? I'm guessing she likely talks that way in front of her son anyway. Who's the real loser?

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