Difference Between Relationship Friendship Do You Know

Difference Between Relationship Friendship Do You Know Image
Everybody in this world wants to know what is the main difference between a close relationship and a close friendship? Generally what we believe is that when your friendship becomes stronger, it turns into a relationship. But in reality this is not true.

Think about your chat & talk daily you have with your friends. You talk with them openly & freely about your life, future and lots of other things. You never feel shy in sharing your problem with your friends and asking for help. This is true friendships that you expect to know everything about each others life.

Now think about a relationship. In a relationship this is our nature that we people keep lot of secrets away from our partner. Sometimes we feel shy in sharing about our problems or previous life with partner. In romance we always try to impress each other. This is the main difference between friendship and relationship. We always think twice before saying anything in relationship but in friendship we talk openly. Yes, we behave like a child in friendship and adult in relationships.

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