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So you are on your way to becoming an Alpha Male, and you're trying to meet a girl. You approach her, you begin to talk to her, but soon after, she says she's not interested and turns around. What went wrong? Maybe you displayed characteristics of a beta male through your body language. Some of these mistakes are:

* not being relaxed, turning your head really fast when somebody wants your attention

* holding too much eye contact when the other person speaks

* blinking a lot

* slouching

* walking only with your legs

* excessive smiling-nervous facial gestures

* folding your arms in front of you-twitching

* having closed postures-

* nervous ticks

* speaking too fast

Try to control your body language as well when you talk to someone else, because what you say doesn't matter quite as much as how you say it.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Julius Fast - Body Language
Philip Redhead - How To Read Body Language
C Kellogg - Reading Body Language

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