Winning Your Ex Husband Back

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After having a difficult divorce or even annulment with your ex husband, you should give yourself some time before you consider getting ex back. If all the good and fun memories of you both are greater than the bad moments, it is an obvious sign that you get him back and relive your lives as a married couple once again before everything gets too late.

First things first. You have to stop acting desperate and start appearing smart. Calling him almost every hour, crying relentlessly and begging on your knees for your ex husband to come back is a waste of time and could only make get your ex back worse and more difficult. You have to let him think about thinks and give him space and time to reflect on the situation. Most of the separations are caused by uncontrolled anger and pride, and only after a couple of days, he will be able to see things rationally.

Stop making any communication with him for a while. It will only make him feel that he is really a lost on you and heighten his pride even more. During your silence and nonchalance, do not get surprised if you will get a call or a text message from your ex husband and he will ask you out. however, even if it is a good sign that he is willing to make all ends meet, do not count on that as a way to get your ex back. Give him a week or more to set things right and pursue you as if your ex husband is courting you again.

While he doing his part on getting you back as well, work on by yourself to find the problem and fix it. There is no way that you two got separated without a reason. Look for that flaw and patch it up. This will help get your ex back even more.

After giving him and yourself weeks to fix things up without communication at all and you have successfully done everything, it's time to get reconciled with your ex husband. Call hi up and ask him to meet you, as there is a very little chance that he will turn it down. However, if he refuses, just give him another week to think and miss you. Before the big day when you will meet and get your ex back, make sure that you look attractive and strong.

On the day when you will get your ex back, the most important thing to have is honesty. It is not the time to play hard-to-get on your ex husband. Play your cards right and explain everything about your side. Tell him what has been wrong and how to fix things. Tell him that you miss him and you are working hard to get him back. Show him that you are serious about it.

Also, you have to remember some DON'T's when it comes to the day when you get your ex back. DON'T cry, DON'T beg and DON'T harass him or give him ultimatums. You will just humiliate your self make things harder for your to get your ex husband back. However, you have to be humble. This will make things a breeze for you and work out your relationship once again.

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